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Pressure Washing

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Our pressure washing equipment is completely self contained on a tandem axle trailer. We carry 220 gallons of water on the trailer and use the All American Commercial pressure washing system that delivers 3000 pounds per square inch at the rate of 5 gallons per minute. We have the ability to heat the water to approximately 220 degrees Fahrenheit. We have a
smaller cold water pressure washer mounted on the trailer for rinsing and small light duty service. We also are equipped with a water recovery system. We have portable units for those areas not accessible with the trailer unit. Our equipment has a soft water system and the option to inject sand and/or a number of environmentally safe cleaning agents into the system for those difficult situations. Our trailer is equipped with 200-feet of hot water pressure hose, 200-feet of cold water pressure hose and 100-feet of supply hose. Also in order to provide high quality, specialized service we provide a number of special accessories including a 24-inch flat surface cleaner that is very effective for powerful, reliable and universal use in the high pressure cleaning of dirt stains, algae, leaf stains, fuel, oil and grease from any flat surface including; driveways, trash enclosures, parking lots, sidewalks, wood decking, patios, garage floors, boat docks, boat launching ramps, tennis courts, pool decks, walkways, factory floors and loading dock. The flat surface cleaner is also effective in disinfecting in saunas, restrooms, locker rooms, pool decks and rubber safety surfaces in playgrounds. We also utilize an 18-foot 3 stage telescoping wand extension that allows us to clean 2 story buildings while working from ground level.

                                                                  If It's Dirty We Can Clean It.


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